Save Money and Get FREE Stuff with Shop Your Way

I know that my son is going to grow and need bigger clothes and shoes. And I seem to have this irrational fear that he’ll wake up one morning having outgrown everything in his closet, and of course it will be the month that we have ZERO wiggle room in our budget for anything extra, let alone enough money to buy groceries. So about a year ago I started stocking up on larger clothes and shoes when I came across good deals and sales. I figure $20 bucks or so every month should at least help ease my mind. With Shop Your Way my $20 goes a lot farther.

Here’s just one example of the awesome savings. Osh Kosh toddler shoes, Carter’s 4 piece PJs and a 2 piece long sleeve firetruck outfit for $19.87. The shoes retail for $19.99, the PJs retail for $32 and the firetruck outfit retails for $10. Add it all up, that is a 78% savings.


Now I’ll admit, Sears and Kmart didn’t exactly jump to mind when I thought of places to shop for clothes or shoes. I’d say Macy’s probably fit my idea better, but I am NOT willing to pay Macy’s prices. So imagine my surprise when I found some of my favorite kid’s brands at Sears… Osh Kosh, Carter’s, Toughskins, Disney, etc. And the brand options for adults were just as surprising. Clearly I was mistaken to assume that Sears was the old man of department stores.

Here’s another example. After I ordered the shoes from the photo above, I decided that they are of fabulous quality and are such a great deal that I should get more in bigger sizes (I know, I’m obsessed). Imagine my surprise when I logged into my account and found surprise points, plus points I had earned from a previous order. These two pairs of shoes were FREE!


So, here’s how it works. Sign up. It’s completely free. Often you’ll get free points as a thank you for signing up. Shop at Kmart or Sears in store or online, and be sure to use your Shop Your Way membership number. You earn points on every item you purchase, of various value but typically related to the dollar amount. In addition, a few times a month they send you “surprise” points that you can use to redeem on your purchases. Just yesterday I got a friendly email telling me that I had $7 in surprise points waiting for me. The best part: they let you stack earned points, surprise points, sales and coupon codes.

So for the two pairs of shoes above, here’s the breakdown:

  • Each on sale for $9.99, regularly $19.99= $19.98
  • 15% off coupon code= $16.99
  • $10 in surprise points= $6.99
  • $6.99 in earned points from previous purchases= FREE!

How to sign up: Click here to sign up for the Shop Your Way program. You’ll be signing up with me as your Personal Shopper. Why? So I can help you keep up with awesome deals, and potentially do your shopping for you. If you don’t need me to do your shopping for you, just sign up and do your own shopping… nothing changes. Or, if you are a fellow deal seeker, you too can sign up to be a Personal Shopper.

Bonus: Once you are a Shop Your Way member, go to the Shop Your Way website, click ‘partners’ on the top menu and register one of your Visa cards to receive $7 in points. Then, search ‘snap the stache’ in the toolbar at the top of the page. If you upload a photo of you wearing a moustach, you’ll receive a coupon for $5 in points. Follow these two steps and you’ll have $12 free points for your first shopping trip! (These offers are for a limited time only, so take advantage when you can!)

Please feel free to leave comments or questions below. Tell me how much you’ve saved with Shop Your Way!

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Daily Deals 5/31/14


  • Crazy 8: This weekend only, graphic shirts and skirts only $3.99
  • Macy’s: Extra 20% off online with code ‘SUPER’ or $10 off your purchase of $25 or more with code ‘SUP25’, plus online only extra 25% off clearance items


  • iTunes: 8 FREE country songs from top artists
  • Disney Decal: Build your family’s Disney decal for FREE, plus FREE shipping!
  • John Frieda: Answer a few questions to qualify for a FREE sample of Frizz Ease
  • Purina: Enter to win FREE pet products
  • Julep: FREE 5 Piece gift valued over $80, just pay $2.99 shipping
  • Enter to win a free $50 Target gift card

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s deals…  many of them are still active!

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Please feel free to comment below and tell me what stores you’d like to see on this list.

Daily Deals 5/30/14


  • Gymboree: Today only, free standard shipping
  • MyPublisher: Buy one get one FREE Photo Books with code ‘DADFREE’
  • ideeli: Serious Style Sale, starting at $9.99


  • FREE Speed Stick Gear: $2.99 at Target- Use $2 off coupon, plus $1 off coupon and it’s FREE!
  • OshKosh: Enter to win a FREE GoPro, plus $100 gift card
  • Essie: Ends tomorrow, win summer beach essentials and nail polish
  • Julep: FREE 5 Piece gift valued over $80, just pay $2.99 shipping
  • Enter to win a free CamelBak Water Bottle

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s deals…  many of them are still active!

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Please feel free to comment below and tell me what stores you’d like to see on this list.

Nail Polish and Beauty Review


I’m so excited to share these products with the world. As someone who is exceptionally frugal, I feel that getting my nails done by the professionals is just not the best use of my money. Don’t get me wrong… I’m definitely a fan of manicures and pedicures, but they don’t last long enough for me to justify paying the $20 to $60 bucks just just a day or two of un-chipped color. I recently discovered the Julep Maven program, and am SO pleased with how well it’s working out.

Perhaps the best part: your first box is FREE! That’s what reeled me in, and now I’m hooked. I signed up for a free box and paid just $2.99 shipping for over $40 dollars worth of polish and product. Simply take a look at all of the polish colors and choose which box you want. It came with a rejuvenating cuticle serum, two nail polishes and two buff blocks.

10352728_10152450381021162_885158177_n 10374325_10152450383961162_1491885913_n

But for a limited time, Julep is offering a deluxe box full of $80 worth of products and polish including three nail polishes, a double sided eye liner with sharpener, a lip gloss plus two buff blocks. Pay only $2.99 shipping for the Summer Brights Welcome Box.

10346690_10152450376441162_1207394108_n 10356613_10152450372501162_1904339652_n

Given how incredibly exited I was to get FREE beauty products, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it arrived at my door. I was even more excited to find how bright and true to color the polishes are. I got to work on creating a nail “masterpiece”… I use quotations because I am by no means a nail artist. I did a few Pinterest searches to find some creative ideas and went with a sort of sparkle fade. Here’s my results:


This picture was taken ON THE 5TH DAY! Now that is some serious staying power considering the amount of times my hands are in and out of water and worse every day (shower, bathe the boy, dishes, cleaning products, washing after changing diapers, etc.) I also did my toes, and am happy to report that there are still no chips AFTER TWO WEEKS! I’ll spare you the photo of my toes…

If I have not convinced you yet to try it out, here’s something else that’s awesome. One of their missions is to spread the word that “beauty is about connection, not competition.” They started out as a group of girlfriends who worked together to create something great. To carry that forward, they donate a portion of every sale to organizations that empower women. How awesome is that??

HOW IT WORKS: Click here to be taken to the style quiz. They’ll ask you a few questions about your personal style and make a box recommendation. If you’re not a fan of their suggestion, you can change your style profile. Add the box of your choice to your cart, use the promo code, and pay only $2.99 for some awesome stuff. Each month after you sign up, you’ll receive an email when it is time to customize your box. Starting just this month, you can swap out items that you don’t care for and swap in items that you love. Each box is customized to your liking and mailed out around the 27th of each month. You can also choose to add on extras, or just shop other items at a 20% discount with free shipping.

TO CANCEL: If for whatever reason you decide to cancel, simply call the number listed on the website or on the information that you receive with your first order. They won’t hassle you, ask you a million questions or read you a ten minute long disclosure. You can cancel at any time, with no guilt. My husband got a box to give as a gift and when he called to cancel his subscription, the entire call from start to finish only took about 2 minutes.

So, how about it? Are you ready for some free stuff? Click here for the Limited Edition Summer Brights Welcome Box, or here if the limited edition box has run out. Hurry before they run out!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, however all opinions are my own.*

Daily Deals 5/29/14



Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s deals…  many of them are still active!

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DIY Milk Jug Storage Box Tutorial

10388383_10152476338851162_1015773513_n 10379142_10152476340596162_785299621_n

So they’re not the sexiest things… so what! If you have children, especially toddlers, odds are that you go through (at least) a gallon of milk every week. And if you’re anything like me, you are constantly looking for ways to organize and store things so they are less messy and easier to find. However, even the smallest storage boxes are at least a dollar each. Why not use something that you’ve already paid for? So, if you put together milk chugging toddlers and OCD organization, you get a DIY Milk Jug Storage Box! For more info on a product, simply click the links provided.

Skill level: Super duper easy (beginner), possible fun project for kids!

What you’ll need:

 10396534_10152474389346162_2024368295_n 10396315_10152476274356162_777463708_n

Step 1: WASH THE JUGS. Even the smallest amount of milk left in the jug for only a matter of hours can put off a horrible smell. I squirted some dish soap inside, added some warm water, put the cap back on and shook. Then, do your best to remove the outside labels. I didn’t have the patience to remove them completely. Rinse and let dry completely.

Step 2: Mark off where you’ll make your cuts. The panel without a handle or any indentations should be your longest side that will eventually become your closure. Every milk jug is different. My large one had a giant circular indentation in one side, and the smaller one had contoured sides that don’t lay flat. Don’t worry, it all works out fine.

For the gallon jug: because the handle comes down so low, this container will be more shallow. Draw a straight line across 3 sides just below where the handle stops. The back panel should be as long as possible, but at least long enough to cover the width of the jug, plus an inch or so.

For the half gallon jug: the handle on these comes up a bit higher, so these will be taller and less shallow. Draw a straight line across 3 sides just below where the handle stops. Then mark the longer side, ensuring it is at least long enough to cover the width of the jug, plus an inch or so.

Then mark at least an inch downwards at all 3 corners to allow the flaps to fold down.

10405939_10152476235396162_1176590027_n 10405786_10152476225201162_1854988395_n

Step 3: Cut along the lines you made. You may want to cut inside the black lines to make your containers a bit prettier than mine. I would also suggest rounding your corners along the edges… the plastic is surprisingly sharp!

10396560_10152476239871162_571387547_n 10419780_10152476229676162_1937999491_n

At this point, I strongly recommend that you give them a wash again. Even though I thought I gave them a thorough washing, there was still a residual milk smell. After the second wash mine smelled like the lavender dish soap that I used, which was quite an improvement.

Step 4: Crease each flap by folding it over. This can be tricky depending on how straight you cut… there is a possibility your box may end up wonky. If you don’t care… move on. If you do care, make sure both sides of each flap come down the same distances. If they do not, grab your scissors, even them out, and fold again.


Step 5: Time to add the closure piece. If you are a crafter and happen to have some KAM snaps and hardware lying around, this is a great use for them. If you’re interested in purchasing them, I got mine here (I’ve made many purchases though them and am happy with their competitive pricing, fast shipping and overall product availability). If you do not have snaps, sticky back velcro will also do the trick.

To apply the snaps: Close the box so the longest flap is hanging over the edge and overlaps with one of the sides. Using your awl, make a hole that goes straight through both pieces of plastic at the same time. Then use your pliers to attach snaps to the top flap and the side.

10425541_10152476330606162_1483429910_n 10410043_10152476335741162_915686584_n

To apply the velcro: Make sure the surfaces that you are going to stick the velcro to are clean and dry. If you are going to attach it to one of the sides where the label was removed, make sure there is no residual paper where you are going to put the velcro. Then, peel off the back of the velcro and stick one to the inside of the longest flap and one to the outside where they overlap.

10388532_10152476283966162_450899224_n 10385037_10152476327286162_739241508_n

If you’ve lined everything up correctly, you’ll end up with a reusable storage box to use for just about anything you want! Use for stray hair things for your kids, a pencil holder, miscellaneous craft items, even on the go food storage (do not microwave or put in dishwasher). Every time your family finishes off another gallon (or half gallon) of milk, you have another opportunity to organize your life.

10364249_10152476338996162_1198474151_n 10388383_10152476338851162_1015773513_n

If you have a question, DIY idea or tutorial you’d like to see, drop me a line in the comments below.

Daily Deals 5/28/14



Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s deals…  many of them are still active!

Please feel free to comment below and tell me what stores you’d like to see on this list.

Daily Deals 5/27/14

Ugh… back to work after a glorious 3 day weekend, huh? Here are some deals to help brighten your day:


  • JC Penny: Extra 15% off online with code ‘WARMUP16’ or in store with coupon
  • Stride Rite: Get 50% off during Stride Rite’s Really Big Sale
  • Joann: $5 of your purchase of $35 or more with coupon, plus 15% off total purchase with coupon
  • Carter’s: Summer Splash sale- warm weather essentials starting at $5
  • Sears: Last day of extra 30% off clearance for baby, toddler and kid (I snagged some precious OshKosh overalls for just $6.99… regularly $34)
  • Victoria’s Secret: Today only, extra 30% off clearance clothes and shoes with code ‘SAVE30VS’


  • Shutterfly: 101 FREE 4×6 prints, just pay taxes and shipping, with code ‘101FUN’
  • Little Tikes: Enter to win a My 1st Cozy Coupe
  • Cherishables: Get 1 FREE customized Father’s Day card (plus free shipping) with code ‘DAD14B’
  • Julep: FREE 5 Piece gift valued over $80, just pay $2.99 shipping
  • Enter to win a free $50 iTunes gift card

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s deals…  many of them are still active!

Please feel free to comment below and tell me what stores you’d like to see on this list.

Daily Deals 5/24/14

Happy Saturday!


  • Take a look at yesterday’s deals here. As of this morning, there were no new sales to share.
  • Plus, check out some amazing Amazon deals that I posted yesterday.

Special Memorial Day Weekend Freebies and Savings:

  • Baja Fresh: 25% off purchase with military ID
  • Boston Market: 10% off your dine in order with military or veteran ID through the end of May, plus 50% off any family meal on Memorial Day
  • Home Depot and Lowes: 10% discount with military or veteran ID


  • Loreal: FREE sample of Loreal Advanced Haircare
  • Redbox: Text the word ’email’ to 727272. After they reply to you, send back your email address & they will send you a FREE rental code good for 2 weeks.
  • Julep: FREE 5 Piece gift valued over $80, just pay $2.99 shipping
  • Enter to win free Clinique Sun Skincare

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s deals…  many of them are still active!

Please feel free to comment below and tell me what stores you’d like to see on this list.

Bonus Daily Deals on Amazon: 5/23/14

I’m pretty excited about these. I’ll say this up front: many of these items come from China. If you are not the biggest fan of buying foreign made and produced stuff, then stop here. BUT, if you’re interested in getting some INSANE deals, you’ve come to the right place. Just click on the links  to be taken to the Amazon page.

Please note, Amazon prices are subject to change without notice at any time. There are many other amazing deals available right now on Amazon, so as usual be sure to keep your eyes open while you’re shopping. Especially look near the bottom of the page under the section titled “Customers who viewed this item also viewed”.

Mustache Double Ring: Only .40 cents and free shipping



Boys size 2T 3 Piece Pajama Set with long sleeve top, bottoms and robe only $5.38 with free Prime shipping. Price only available on size 2T.


10 piece baby headbands with lace flower: $5.36 with free shipping



Water drawing mat and magic pen: $3.79 and free shipping



I can vouch for the items listed below. I bought them on the 6th of May, but wanted to be sure that they were of a reasonable quality before I advertised them. While they are definitely not fine jewelry, they are of decent quality and no different from what you’d find in stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or H & M. Perfect for costume jewelry, kid dress up, gifts, etc. I have yet to decide which ones I’ll keep and which ones I’ll share.



This link will take you to a number of different necklace options of varying prices, but they are all under $5.00 and all have free shipping.

‘Love’ pendants in silver tone or gold tone with imitation pearl and diamond under $1.50 with free shipping

1743430_10152465310546162_1803751667_n 10361198_10152465308131162_262018050_n


Like I said before, make sure you’re checking out the “what other customers viewed” section because they are many many more deals to be had!