Bonus Daily Deals on Amazon: 5/23/14

I’m pretty excited about these. I’ll say this up front: many of these items come from China. If you are not the biggest fan of buying foreign made and produced stuff, then stop here. BUT, if you’re interested in getting some INSANE deals, you’ve come to the right place. Just click on the links  to be taken to the Amazon page.

Please note, Amazon prices are subject to change without notice at any time. There are many other amazing deals available right now on Amazon, so as usual be sure to keep your eyes open while you’re shopping. Especially look near the bottom of the page under the section titled “Customers who viewed this item also viewed”.

Mustache Double Ring: Only .40 cents and free shipping



Boys size 2T 3 Piece Pajama Set with long sleeve top, bottoms and robe only $5.38 with free Prime shipping. Price only available on size 2T.


10 piece baby headbands with lace flower: $5.36 with free shipping



Water drawing mat and magic pen: $3.79 and free shipping



I can vouch for the items listed below. I bought them on the 6th of May, but wanted to be sure that they were of a reasonable quality before I advertised them. While they are definitely not fine jewelry, they are of decent quality and no different from what you’d find in stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or H & M. Perfect for costume jewelry, kid dress up, gifts, etc. I have yet to decide which ones I’ll keep and which ones I’ll share.



This link will take you to a number of different necklace options of varying prices, but they are all under $5.00 and all have free shipping.

‘Love’ pendants in silver tone or gold tone with imitation pearl and diamond under $1.50 with free shipping

1743430_10152465310546162_1803751667_n 10361198_10152465308131162_262018050_n


Like I said before, make sure you’re checking out the “what other customers viewed” section because they are many many more deals to be had!

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