InstaNatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil and Rosehip Seed Oil Review




I’ve always struggled with oily and therefore acne prone skin. Recently I was introduced to the idea of using a cleansing oil rather than a traditional soapy or foamy cleanser to clean my face. At first I thought the idea sounded ridiculous… you want me to add more oil to what I already consider to be an oily disaster? But I read some reviews written by those who have similar oil control issues and decided to give it a shot. Then about a month ago I was given the opportunity to try out Insta Natural’s Deep Cleansing Facial Oil in exchange for an honest review. Talk about perfect timing!

First impressions- The bottle is glass, which always makes me feel a bit more comfortable (I’ve read that plastic can often seep chemicals into whatever is inside). The dropper on top makes it convenient and easy to use because it does not make a mess and you can control exactly how much comes out.

First use- I put a few drops into the palm of my hand and used my finger tips from the other hand to massage it into my face in a circular motion. It smells really good, so my pregnant and picky nose was not bothered at all. I was skeptical about using it on my eyes, mostly because I’m not the hugest fan of the stinging and burning sensation that usually comes with when you put a cleanser in your eye. But I gave it a shot and it didn’t sting at all. To rinse, I just cupped my hands and splashed my face a few times until I felt it was removed.

Results- I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I swear my oil production is more under control. I still get shiny at times, but I don’t feel like a grease bucket by the end of the day. My face feels soft and well hydrated, and my pimples seem to be clearing up. To be honest, since I’m pregnant and my hormones are changing every day, it’s hard for me to accurately judge whether I can attribute less acne to the Cleansing Oil or if my hormones are finally just mellowing out. Either way, I’m VERY happy with the results. As an added bonus, using it to remove my eye make up properly and in entirety has made my eyelashes softer, longer and fuller than they ever have been. What woman doesn’t want that?!

Here are a few pointers provided by the folks at Insta Natural:

– The Facial Oil Cleanser can be applied directly onto a dry face – in fact we recommend it!
– Pump the oil onto a washcloth, pad or cotton ball. You can use your hands as well.
– Massage the oil onto your face in circular motions to lift dirt and impurities.
– You can even wipe around your eyes to gently yet effectively remove makeup like eye liner and mascara.
– Use warm water to rub away the oil. It’s best to run a clean wash cloth under hot water and use this to remove the Facial Oil Cleanser.
– The facial oil should not dry out your skin and should leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.
– Useful Tip: You can use the facial oil cleanser to also clean your makeup brushes, such as an eyeliner brush. The oil will tackle any built-up material on the bristles to remove and break it apart, making the brush easier to clean.

To purchase this product, click the link below to be taken to their Amazon page.


Insta Natural was generous enough to also provide me with their Rosehip Seed Oil, which also has been known to calm acne and give the skin a natural, even glow.

First impressions- Like the Cleansing Oil, it comes in a glass bottle with plastic dropper to make for easy use and control. Upon opening the bottle, I was surprised to find that it does not smell like roses at all. In fact it has a bit of a fishy smell to it. Perhaps if I had taken the time to read the information provided by Insta Natural I would not have been surprised. They clearly explain that because the product is high in omega fatty acids, there may be a slight fishy smell to it. Unfortunately, my pregnant nose seems to be magnifying EVERYTHING that is even remotely fishy, and it was a bit too much for me. Luckily, I had my mom on hand to volunteer to try it out. She swears it doesn’t smell bad… it must just be me.

First use- After cleansing her face at night, she pumps 2-3 drops onto her fingertips and rubs them on her face and neck until it is absorbed. Then she goes to bed as usual.

Results- After using the product for roughly three weeks, she is insanely happy with the outcome. She has enjoyed fewer breakouts (I suppose I can thank her for the adult acne gene), and feels like her skin is more even and much much much softer.

Here are some pointers provided by Insta Natural:

– A patch test is recommended before using InstaNatural Rosehip Seed Oil.
– Before using the product, cleanse the face and pat dry.
– Take 2-3 drops of our Certified Organic Rosehip seed oil on your fingertips. Rub the fingertips together and then apply on face, neck and body.
– Massage it gently into the skin till absorbed completely.
– It can also be used with your favorite moisturizer or cream. Just mix a few drops of Rosehip Oil with your moisturizer and apply as usual.
– For hair and scalp, massage a few drops with fingertips. You may also use Rosehip as part of your hot oil therapy. Just include few drops of Rosehip oil in your hot oil mixture (coconut oil, argan oil, etc.). Finally, try adding few drops of Rosehip oil to your favorite conditioner to give your hair an extra boost in nutrients.
– Massage a few drops on nails and cuticles.
– Keep your bottle of Rosehip Seed Oil refrigerated and away from light to extend shelf life.
– If any irritation or redness occurs after using the product, discontinue use and consult your doctor.
– Please note that Rosehip oil is not recommended as a facial moisturizer on very acne prone skin, because it may worsen the condition, but it can be applied liberally all over the body.

If you’ve never used Rosehip Oil before, please note that Pure Rosehip Oil does not carry any rose fragrance as the oil is extracted from the seeds or fruits and not from the petals which contain the aromatic molecules.

Unrefined Rosehip Oil (Purest Rosehip Oil, with nothing taken away) should always have a very characteristic smell, having a sort of warm and earthy tone: pleasant or unpleasant depending on your taste. There should also be some fishiness to the scent, as is the case due to the high contents of omega fatty acids. This scent dissipates after a few minutes. Of course if you still find the scent too strong, feel free to mix the rosehip oil with a lotion or moisturizer to improve the smell while retaining the many benefits of the oil.

To purchase this product, click the link below to be taken to their Amazon product page.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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