SnotSuk Nasal Aspirator for Infants Review



It is inevitable… your baby or toddler will get sick. The worst part for me is the helplessness that I feel knowing that there is actually very little that I can do to make my little man feel better. Just last week Bennett got hit with a crazy virus that drove his fever WAY WAY up and made his nose excessively leaky. Lucky for me, I had just received the SnotSuk Nasal Aspirator and was able to relieve a bit of his stuffed up nose.

First impressions: Eww. For those who know me, I have issues with snot and boogers. Give me throw up, poop or pee any day over snot. I really can’t explain my aversion, it’s just the way it is I suppose.  So the concept of using my mouth to suck snot from his nose made my stomach roll. A good friend of mine had told me before about a different brand that essentially does the same thing, and she swears by it. So I figured if she could do it, and she promised me that fluids were not actually exchanged, then I could at least try it. I read the instructions in provided in the box and was pleased to learn that while you use the suction power of your mouth to suck the snot from baby’s nose, the snot does not travel to anywhere near where your mouth is. Aaaahhh, a sigh of relief!

First use: Bennett’s leaky nose was out of control. He was sneezing, coughing and essentially choking on it when he’d try to lay down for a nap. So I followed the super simple assembly instructions and put together the SnotSuk aspirator. I laid Bennett down flat on my bed, and showed him the contraption so he wouldn’t freak out when I used it. I imagine you wouldn’t have this problem with younger children as they don’t typically have as much of an opinion as a two year old. After he had inspected it for a minute, I put the parent side into my mouth, stuck the pink tube into one of his nostril and sucked. My eww factor jumped up here because the amount of snot that it removed was revolting. It actually worked… and not only did it work, it REALLY worked. I couldn’t believe it was even possible for such a little nose to hold so much yuck.

Results: The first few passes were incredibly successful. It did not cause Bennett any discomfort, and he actually giggled a bit in the beginning. After the first few tries, he grew tired of me poking at him and grew frustrated. Again, another problem you wouldn’t have with an infant. But in all, it was incredibly successful. His nose was much more clear and he was able to lay down for a nap without hacking and choking. Cleaning the tube was a breeze, I just followed the simple instructions to dismantle the tube from the rest and washed it all in warm soapy water. Each package comes with several parent-side sponges to allow for quick and easy clean up should the snot reach that particular barrier.

Overall I was very impressed with the simplicity and user friendliness of the design. If I was able to do it, given my intense aversion to snot, then anyone can do it. After all, you’re just helping your baby breathe better!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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