Supplyin Style Review



Given that I’m an obsessive crafter, I recently jumped at the opportunity to try out some products from a wonderful Etsy shop. As a fellow small business owner, I absolutely appreciate the time and effort that goes into a well run shop, especially one with its primary sales coming from an online store.

I was allowed to choose a few pieces from the numerous items sold at www.SupplyinStyle.Etsy.Com. I won’t lie… I went through them obsessively. I added a bunch of them to my favorites, and then I had to go back and narrow it down. I have a tendency to go overboard (or so I’m told). Ultimately I decided on an adorable pink fabric wrapped chain, some fantastic ballet slipper charms, and some small rings to connect them. I had my little sister in mind whose birthday is coming up. She’s OBSESSED with dancing, especially ballet.

The hardest part about ordering from Supplyin Style was deciding what to get. The rest was easy. It was shipped quickly, and arrived in a cute velvety bag with each individual item contained in plastic zip bags. She even included a business card with a coupon code for future purchases. Talk about great customer service!

Once I was finally able to sit down and make the charm bracelet that I originally intended (we had an unexpected move pop up), it came together wonderfully. Using some clasps that I already had from a previous project as well as some plastic beads that I had lying around, I made an adorable pink ballerina charm bracelet. Here’s how it turned out:

20141118_151542 20141118_151530


Overall, I was very impressed with my experience ordering from Supplyin Style. The prices are insanely reasonable, the merchandise is high quality, and the shipping and customer service are top notch. To take a look at what’s available or to make a purchase, visit www.SupplyinStyle.Etsy.Com.

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