Car Seat Back Protector Review



Muddy shoes, sharp tap shoes, temper tantrums and toddlers… they can combine to destroy the back side of your car seat. My son seems to think that the back of my chair is is own personal ottoman for whenever he wants to prop his feet up. As if his car seat wasn’t enough of a reclining couch anyways, he apparently needs to have his feet elevated as well. It didn’t bother me as much with my other car because it was six years old and I just didn’t take stellar care of it. But since we’ve gotten my beautiful new “mommy car” to fit both car seats, I’m a bit more picky about where he puts his feet. But, no matter how many times I remind him, he still ends up with his feet on my seats. Time for a solution!

While dot & dot isn’t specifically marketing these seat protectors for parents of toddlers, I’m pretty darn sure that’s who can get the most use out of them. Here’s what they have to say on their Amazon product page:

  • EXTRA-LARGE KICK MATS provide better coverage for your upholstered or leather car seats. Each car seat back protector is 47×60 CM (18.5×23.6 inches)
  • Made of high quality, durable materials that would LAST A LIFETIME.
  • EASY TO CLEAN. The water resistant and non-absorbent surface protects your car seat from moisture, dirt, stains, scuff marks. Easily clean dirt with wipes or wash with cold water and mild detergent.
  • EASY TO INSTALL. Easily fastens securely at the headrest and bottom of the seats using adjustable straps. Designed to fit most vehicles, even SUVs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is the third (or maybe fourth) product I’ve had the opportunity to review for dot & dot, and as usual I’m finding that they make top quality products. As an added bonus, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest assured that if you don’t love your products, they will stand behind them and offer you a solution. In addition to their satisfaction guarantee, I found that all of their other claims proved to be 100% true.

Installation is insanely easy. Just clip the strap around the headrest and the bottom of the seat, tighten, and you’re done. My new car is a Dodge Durango, so everything is a bit larger than in my little Scion. However, these seat protectors are extra large and cover the entire back side of my seat. I’ve actually tried other brands of kick mats before, but they only covered a strip down the center of the seat and left the sides of the back completely open (which in my case is the part that is most likely to be scuffed). So I was very pleased to find how well this one covered.

Aaaannnd, they are so so so easy to clean. We’ve been having some abnormally cold weather here in Southern California, which actually brought us some snow last week (it only happens every ten years). Of course we had to play in the snow, which let to some really muddy, mucky and nasty shoes. By the time I got my son out of the car, he had made a fabulous picasso-esque painting with his feet on the back of my seat. Thankfully, courtesy of my dot & dot kick mat, he wasn’t able to get my actual seat. So I just grabbed a towel with some warm water and wiped the mat clean. Super easy, and it left no funky residue, and I didn’t even have to scrub.

As usual, dot & dot has created a helpful, easy to use and top quality product. I absolutely suggest a kick mat to anyone with toddlers, children, animals or for if you are prone to carrying dirty or messy things in your car. Protect those seats! To purchase, click the link below.
Auto Seat Back Protector by Dot&Dot – Largest Luxury Car Kick Mats Fits Most Vehicles – Washable, Water Resistant Car Seat Covers Protects Your Car Seats from Moisture, Dirt, Stains and Scuff Marks (One Pack, Black)

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