PlayDough and Poopmageddon

Have you ever stepped on a shard of PlayDough embedded in the carpet? Holy Jesus, who knew something that was once soft and squishy could be like a tiny dagger into your foot.

We have a wonderful little arts and crafts table set up in the hallway between the kiddos’ rooms… there’s a kid sized table with 2 chairs, a mat underneath to keep stuff off the carpet, and it’s stocked with crayons, coloring books, activity books and PlayDough. For the most part, Bennett is pretty neat and likes to keep his things organized. However lately he’s been making us “food”, like eggs, cookie dough, etc. that he brings to us, wherever we are, to “eat”. As he’s been doing this I’m noticing more and more pokey things in the carpet. The oddest part is that you’d think the brightly colored dough would stand out against our beige-ish carpet. But it doesn’t. It hides in waiting, pokey side up, patiently ready to attack your feet.

On another note, I had a wonderful experience at Burlington Coat Factory. When I say “wonderful”, I’m being sarcastic. I left Bennett with Gaga at the park, and snuck away with Charlotte to try to find myself some “transitional” clothes, if you will. She was sleeping, and I was on my second round of only six items in the dressing room at a time. Suddenly she’s fussy. As I lean over to pop the binky into her mouth, I smell something unpleasant. So I unstrap her, pick her up and put her over my shoulder. As I look up I catch a glimpse of us in the dressing room mirror. Poop. Everywhere. Up her back, out the side, down her leg, on my arm. Everywhere.

Hmm, ok. This is a new experience for me as Bennett has only had maybe 3 out of the diaper experiences in his 2 1/2 years of life. And the only time I can actually remember was at the family Christmas party, so the others couldn’t have been that bad. Anyways, thank goodness for the changing mats that come with the diaper bags. Half a package of wipes and ten minutes of screaming baby later, she was poop-free. It was a bit traumatic for both of us, I think.

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