Seat Belt Pillow Review and Giveaway


In honor of reaching 100 likes on Facebook and to celebrate the summer travel season, I’m kicking off the reviews and giveaways with a custom Seat Belt Pillow from Baby James Handmade. To be fair, I’ll tell you up front that I personally make them, so of course I think they’re fabulous. But to prove that I’m not completely delusional, check out a review done last year by a fellow blogger at Faith Filled Footsteps. Hopefully that serves as proof that while this may not be a completely unbiased review, the Seat Belt Pillow is truly awesome.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, they work by connecting to the seat belt with three velcro straps. This way, the pillow stays where you want it and won’t fall to the floor with every bump on the road. And since there are three separate straps, the small version can be used with car seat harness straps.


Made with 100% cotton fabric and hypoallergenic interior fluff, each pillow is machine washable and safe to use near sensitive skin. Although it was intended to help prop up the heavy heads of children who fall asleep while riding in the car, I know of several adults who enjoy them as well!

Head on over to Baby James Handmade’s Etsy page to take a look around, then enter the giveaway here.