Wear Your Baby- Bebamour Ergonomic Carrier

Admittedly, I’m a little obsessed with baby carriers. It’s the easiest way for me to get things done at home and when we are out and about. Charlotte REALLY likes to be held, and Bennett REALLY likes for me to play with him (and feed him, bathe him, pick up his room… you get the picture). Combine a fussy baby, an active toddler, and all of the things that I need to do throughout the day and I could have quite a disaster on my hands. But the solution is simple. Wear your baby. She thinks I’m holding her, and I still have two free hands to do whatever it is that I need to do.

There are a lot of baby wearing options out there, and you’ll have to go what works best for you. Personally, I like them all for different occasions but the carrier seems to be the most versatile. Recently I had the opportunity to try Bebamour’s Ergonomic Carrier which offers three different carrying positions.



It features soft, easy to wipe material, high quality buckles and straps, and double stitched reinforced connections so you’ll know your baby is safely attached at all times. The waist strap really helps to take the pressure off of the shoulder straps, which keeps my back and shoulders from hurting after use. The shoulder straps are adequately padded and all of the straps have generous length to them so they are adjustable to most body types.

Here’s why this carrier is so versatile… you can wear baby three different ways depending on their age and what activity you may be doing.

The first carry is front facing inwards. This is best for your littlest ones who might still need their heads supported. Or, if baby can hold it’s own head up, you can fold the support down so they can look around (see next picture of forward facing outward). Since Charlotte is still so little, this is the carry that we use (for now).


When baby gets a little older, you can do front facing outwards. With this carry, the head support is folded down so baby can see out. This one is great for curious little people who want in on all of the action.


Then, there’s the back facing inwards carry. I like this one for hiking, or another type of activity where you might not want something hanging in front of you. This carry is also best for older children because you’ll be unable to tend to them while they are behind you. You’ll also probably need help getting them in there with this carry.


One of the best things about the Bebamour Ergonomic Carrier is the instruction booklet that comes with the carrier. It gives you step by step instructions on how to do each carry, as well as the suggested ages and weights for use. I’m a huge fan of this carrier… I’m actually wearing it now!

Check out the amazon listing by clicking the link below.
Bebamour Ergonomic Best Baby Carrier Baby Backpack(black)

I received this item in exchange for an honest and unbiased product evaluation, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. Have a question? Just ask!

Seat Belt Pillow Review and Giveaway


In honor of reaching 100 likes on Facebook and to celebrate the summer travel season, I’m kicking off the reviews and giveaways with a custom Seat Belt Pillow from Baby James Handmade. To be fair, I’ll tell you up front that I personally make them, so of course I think they’re fabulous. But to prove that I’m not completely delusional, check out a review done last year by a fellow blogger at Faith Filled Footsteps. Hopefully that serves as proof that while this may not be a completely unbiased review, the Seat Belt Pillow is truly awesome.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, they work by connecting to the seat belt with three velcro straps. This way, the pillow stays where you want it and won’t fall to the floor with every bump on the road. And since there are three separate straps, the small version can be used with car seat harness straps.


Made with 100% cotton fabric and hypoallergenic interior fluff, each pillow is machine washable and safe to use near sensitive skin. Although it was intended to help prop up the heavy heads of children who fall asleep while riding in the car, I know of several adults who enjoy them as well!

Head on over to Baby James Handmade’s Etsy page to take a look around, then enter the giveaway here.

Nail Polish and Beauty Review


I’m so excited to share these products with the world. As someone who is exceptionally frugal, I feel that getting my nails done by the professionals is just not the best use of my money. Don’t get me wrong… I’m definitely a fan of manicures and pedicures, but they don’t last long enough for me to justify paying the $20 to $60 bucks just just a day or two of un-chipped color. I recently discovered the Julep Maven program, and am SO pleased with how well it’s working out.

Perhaps the best part: your first box is FREE! That’s what reeled me in, and now I’m hooked. I signed up for a free box and paid just $2.99 shipping for over $40 dollars worth of polish and product. Simply take a look at all of the polish colors and choose which box you want. It came with a rejuvenating cuticle serum, two nail polishes and two buff blocks.

10352728_10152450381021162_885158177_n 10374325_10152450383961162_1491885913_n

But for a limited time, Julep is offering a deluxe box full of $80 worth of products and polish including three nail polishes, a double sided eye liner with sharpener, a lip gloss plus two buff blocks. Pay only $2.99 shipping for the Summer Brights Welcome Box.

10346690_10152450376441162_1207394108_n 10356613_10152450372501162_1904339652_n

Given how incredibly exited I was to get FREE beauty products, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly it arrived at my door. I was even more excited to find how bright and true to color the polishes are. I got to work on creating a nail “masterpiece”… I use quotations because I am by no means a nail artist. I did a few Pinterest searches to find some creative ideas and went with a sort of sparkle fade. Here’s my results:


This picture was taken ON THE 5TH DAY! Now that is some serious staying power considering the amount of times my hands are in and out of water and worse every day (shower, bathe the boy, dishes, cleaning products, washing after changing diapers, etc.) I also did my toes, and am happy to report that there are still no chips AFTER TWO WEEKS! I’ll spare you the photo of my toes…

If I have not convinced you yet to try it out, here’s something else that’s awesome. One of their missions is to spread the word that “beauty is about connection, not competition.” They started out as a group of girlfriends who worked together to create something great. To carry that forward, they donate a portion of every sale to organizations that empower women. How awesome is that??

HOW IT WORKS: Click here to be taken to the style quiz. They’ll ask you a few questions about your personal style and make a box recommendation. If you’re not a fan of their suggestion, you can change your style profile. Add the box of your choice to your cart, use the promo code, and pay only $2.99 for some awesome stuff. Each month after you sign up, you’ll receive an email when it is time to customize your box. Starting just this month, you can swap out items that you don’t care for and swap in items that you love. Each box is customized to your liking and mailed out around the 27th of each month. You can also choose to add on extras, or just shop other items at a 20% discount with free shipping.

TO CANCEL: If for whatever reason you decide to cancel, simply call the number listed on the website or on the information that you receive with your first order. They won’t hassle you, ask you a million questions or read you a ten minute long disclosure. You can cancel at any time, with no guilt. My husband got a box to give as a gift and when he called to cancel his subscription, the entire call from start to finish only took about 2 minutes.

So, how about it? Are you ready for some free stuff? Click here for the Limited Edition Summer Brights Welcome Box, or here if the limited edition box has run out. Hurry before they run out!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, however all opinions are my own.*